If there's only one nearby enemy does Zippy Magic from Azata does the spell twice on this enemy ?

2021.09.26 11:36 Selmalik If there's only one nearby enemy does Zippy Magic from Azata does the spell twice on this enemy ?

Not sure how this works since it's supposed to target an additional enemy
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2021.09.26 11:36 aaronhowser1 [Marvel] If you have to be worthy to lift Mjolnir, what's required to SUMMON it?

Can anyone who's held it summon it to them like Thor? Is it a god thing?
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2021.09.26 11:36 nadia81 Dunno what my face is doing, ah right: modeling attitude.

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2021.09.26 11:36 quantum_waffles Help with PS4 -> PS5 trophies not auto unlocking

I recently obtained a PS5 and wanted to transfer my platinum PS4 save over to PS5, however when I logged in, none of the trophies unlocked, unless I completed their requirements again. As I understood it, as of 1.2.1 release, all trophies should be automatically unlocking on PS5 if they have already been completed on PS4.

Does any know of a way to get them to unlock again?
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2021.09.26 11:36 rafaelfe Offering 2 free tickets for Neue Nationalgalerie, Oct 3rd 16:30

I got 2 tickets in the Museums Sonntag program (free museums on Sunday) but I won’t be able to attend. The site doesn’t have an option to cancel so I’m offering here for anyone interested.
Tickets are digital so I can send them online. Message me if you’re interested.
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2021.09.26 11:36 themelbgirl Today I Ate homemade ravioli, filled with crayfish, prawns, scallops, a ricotta and tarragon bechamel sauce. The sauce on top is a beurre blanc and fresh tarragon leaves.

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2021.09.26 11:36 Aumires The Prince in the legend

One more sleepy ramble to share...
It won't be Ralsei. His development as of Chapter 2 and him hiding things from us and the strange reactions in some points will most likely eventually make a rift between the party and either antagonize him or get himself hurt.
There is another Dark Prince though that "joined" the party but is developing leaps and bounds: Lancer. Not only he has an incredible chemistry and friendship much more intense with Susie than Ralsei whenever the two of them are together, but Lancer also is doing something Ralsei wants to do... but actively does it:
He is joining the kingdoms together. Lancer's bravery to confront his father solves the day in Chapter 1. And in Chapter 2, Lancer is the son of a new "family" between Queen and his father. Ralsei might be offering the places to stay, but Lancer is the one that's actually making them stay.
In fact, Ralsei seems to be a figure that is teaching others stuff in case he isn't around: He gives a place to stay, he teaches stuff and Susie how to heal. He is more a "sage" figure (and might be a manipulative one, like hiding that ACTing wasn't just Kris' talent) than a Prince, as he reigns over no one at all. Lancer fits more as the immature Prince that learns how to later be a good leader for his people. But of course, still with his sense of comedy, king or not in the end.
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2021.09.26 11:36 equitygeek Merc's big brain strategy play?

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2021.09.26 11:36 TigerMafiaFromUganda I'm gay

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2021.09.26 11:36 SSpookyTheOneTheOnly (Spoilers) So I finally watched rouge one and i loved it

I tried watching it back when it came out but couldn't really get past the beginning of it no idea why but never really tried to watch it again until last night and man. It was actually kinda refreshing? Maybe it's the fact I haven't had much to watch lately but it just felt different? It had its cliches and such as all movies do kinda hard to do without them as well everything has essentially be done already lol.
But i loved it! It felt really well written the characters were cool, Had a good funny to serious moments ratio the comic relief didnt feel forced nor did the emotional parts. All just went natural nor did it really have a "Happy ending" it instead went with a proper good ending which I always felt alot of movies including some of the starwars ones lacked.
Instead of going for a plausible heartfelt ending its always "Aha the good guys lived and escaped with no issues and found love and there will be no consequences for the fact they just single handedly killed hundreds and saved the world! Unless we need a sequel then maybe some old guy from the bad guys will live so we can cash on nostalgia in a few years"
Anyway movie was great and yeag just wanted to share my thoughts!
Also random sidenote: if anyone has any other movies suggestions I'd love to take them. I really don't got a whole lot to watch right now I'm pretty sure I'm caught up on everything starwars so just well. Any and all movies welcome I really need some quality film.
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2021.09.26 11:36 iamstillbored12 Yep, i miss him

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2021.09.26 11:36 Traffy-D-Law Von HeutShow

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2021.09.26 11:36 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 11:36 CryptoVines 🌱Plant Token🌱 Crypto Freelance Marketplace🏪 Liquidity Locked 1yr🔒 Weekly Lottery 🎲 Doxxed Dev✅ Do work, Get paid in crypto☀️

👇Trade tokens👇
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At Plant Token we have aimed to make a defi token with automated rewards and a use case for longterm holders. We want to help restore the environment and the confidence in the crypto space. We will start by building a strong community and prove that we are here to stay.
We are a token with a real use case in the future. We are currently building a freelance marketplace platform for the crypto community. Creating a space where both buyers and sellers can come to an agreement for their goods, service, NFT, or anything else.
We are currently pushing ahead with our marketing, and have influencers posting about us frequently. Our roadmap on our website shows you our progress in development. We are also currently writing our whitepaper, and soon will have a more updated website design.
Our community is built upon the basis of the token being completely transparent allowing investors to not worry. We have doxxed devs who are active on the telegram to help with any issues or questions you have. The Plant Token army continues to grow and getting stronger. The telegram is growing and active 24/7. The project is still very new and we currently have a low number of holders! Within a month we hope to have many more! We are growing fast and healthy, and hope to continue this into the future.

📝Token Information:
☀️Name : Plant Token
☀️Symbol : PLANT
☀️Blockchain : BSC
☀️Total Supply : 161,211,420 $PLANT

✅Contract Address : 0xdC243F2cF20106B53C7b5A6fd4756C1a920a59DC

🚨TOKENOMICS : 10% Tax On Transactions
🌱3% Donated To Charity
💪🏼2% Distributed To All Holders
🔒2% Liquidity Locked
🔥2% Burnt
☀️1% Surprise Sprouts Lottery

Lottery drawings every week!

📣Telegram: https://t.me/planttoken
🌏WebSite: https://www.PlantToken.Co
🐥Twitter: https://Twitter.com/PlantToken
☀️GitHub: https://github.com/PlantToken
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2021.09.26 11:36 germanky Licensed Massage Therapist

NOW HIRING Licensed Massage Therapist-https://gethiredinflorida.us/healthcare/licensed-massage-therapist-c31a8d/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.09.26 11:36 rockykol Piastri extends championship lead with Sochi feature race win · RaceFans

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2021.09.26 11:36 YextFE hmmm

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2021.09.26 11:36 RavenKnight696 Fuck me

I took too much and now I feel uncomfortable. I'm drinking beers to help me calm down.
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2021.09.26 11:36 dontmakenosenses 600 homemade ebony videos💯hit me while it’s hot !

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2021.09.26 11:36 OddsJamArbitrage [HIRING]: OddsJam is Hiring NYC Sports Bettors (Assistant, $10-14 per hour, remote, work from home with flexible hours)

OddsJam is hiring a sports betting assistant at $10-$14 per hour to help with general tasks, like customer support. Pay is $10/hour & remote, flexible hours. It's a fun job, and there are lots of different tasks you will work on.
You must have a strong understanding of sports betting.
Send your resume and knowledge of sports betting to contact (at) oddsjam.com
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2021.09.26 11:36 jthorpein How to make an instructional list with dependent drop down lists??

I don't know if this has been asked before as I'm not sure what to search for. What I'm trying to do, I'm not sure if it's something Excel can do. I know how to do dependent drop down lists, but this I'm not sure....
As an example I'll use recipes for what I'm trying to do:
Say in "A1" I have the text "Select Recipe Type:" and in A2 I have a drop down list for the type (containing Breakfast, Lunch, .... etc.)
In B1 I have the text "Select Recipe" and in B2 I have a drop down list for the recipe names based on what is selected in A2.
I want that recipe information to show up on the right side of the screen
I'd also like to have a 3rd drop down to select different types of recipes based on what's selected in B2 and change the information on the right side of the page.

For example, say I select breakfast (in A2), then select pancakes (in B2) then I'd like the information to show up on the right side of the screen.
Then if I choose chocolate pancakes (say in C2) the info on the right would change to info on chocolate pancakes.

Is it possible to have Excel populate a list/info based on what is selected in a drop down menu?? And how would that be implemented?? Also, I'd like to share it on Google Docs ... anyone know if it would also work there?? For Google sheets??
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2021.09.26 11:36 No_Responsibility965 Lets vote it out.

Which battle royale mode you think is better?
View Poll
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2021.09.26 11:36 neymarokulis The System of AIIP is defined as an AI one that can cope with managing cryptocurrencies without interference by live participants

The System of AIIP is defined as an AI one that can cope with managing cryptocurrencies without interference by live participants. The major thing to focus on is that the system uses mathematical methods and other means of neural networks that provide it with the possibility to predict future prices, manage risks and strategies. The mechanisms of AIIP are capable of determent strategies relying on the combination of various aspects including objectives and limitations. The system is capable of working on Short and Long positions at the same time
For more information ; https://aiip.io/
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2021.09.26 11:36 kowsk3412 Ascension Board Tips

Is there a common spot for season 1’s ascension board grand prize? I really want marques Johnson as a bucks fan, and I only have one more try at the top board. I have all the corners completely out since that worked for me last year, but no luck this time around.
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2021.09.26 11:36 AHumbleGod People who purchased a house young what's your story

I am the 21yr old from those enraging clickbait property developer-funded news articles. Seeing I am in this situation where I can buy, I know this would have been achieved before. What I am looking for is what was it like for other's buying houses young.
out of the classic checkboxes here's what I tick
- living out of my parents
- uni student

I have no intention of living out of the place I buy, purely be an investment. Ideally would be an inhabitable home so I could do it up with the intention of paying below median price and getting above the median rent. So stories about getting constructions loans/ mortgages on these kinda homes are also helpful! I'm not dillusional, I understand its not the rosey world of fixer flipper bs shows but I do see these houses transact so it's certainly possible.

Not a fan, of new housing developments or units/ apartments, so wouldn't be buying these. Freestanding homes on decent 600sqm+ property in regional VIC (large regional towns) in old neighbourhoods is my current target. So if you have buying opinions contrary to this happy to hear, as I maybe making a mistake!
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