Commercial MEL / ERAU donzo

2021.10.16 03:58 PlaneShenaniganz Commercial MEL / ERAU donzo

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2021.10.16 03:58 SpaceXMarine Yellow Temperance Stand Concept

7% chance to obtain with Mysterious Arrow
Impervious: User has increased sturdiness; spending less time ragdolled, increased block strength, and increased resistance to being Stand crashed
Flesh Dominance: Upon killing a NPC/player, the user receives 1/8th of the target's total health [killing a player with standard 205 max health will result in 25.6 health gained]. There will also be a unique death animation, as the targets' bodies dissolve into the Stand. Note that Flesh Dominance doesn't apply to clones, such as those made by D4C or Scary Monsters
E - Organism Destruction - User throws a fast punch with Yellow Temperance surrounding their arm, dealing up to 14.4 damage upon contact and ragdolling. The move will also apply Flesh Eater effect, which constantly deals minor damage as parts of Yellow Temperance begin to cover the target's body. Flesh Eater effect can be stacked up to 4 times, which at max stack, will dissolve one of the target's limbs. Upon reaching max Flesh Eater stack, the effect will not apply on the target again until it entirely ends. Organism Destruction cannot be blocked/parried, similar to Sticky Finger's Zipper Punch, but has a slightly longer cooldown
R - Barrage Finisher - User throws a heavy punch, dealing up to 11 damage
T - Do You Understand?! - Yellow Temperance spreads out in multiple tendrils, as they arch and travel towards a nearby area at the cursor within moderate-long range. Upon contact, the target is dealt up to 26.8 damage and inflicted with Flesh Eater effect. Do You Understand?! can be blocked
Y - Spine Breaker - User lunges forward and grabs an enemy, and pulls them over their shoulders. The user then begins to forcibly snap the target's spine 4 times, dealing up to 7.8 damage each time, before ragdolling their body away with the final snap. Spine Breaker can be parried
H - Appearance Morph - Yellow Temperance begins to envelop the user, and they transform into the appearance of a target at the cursor. The user effectively becomes the target, having their username, able to talk in chat under their name, and even be able to "summon" their Stand when pressing Q (this fake Stand will be visible to non-Stand users). However, the user is only able to use Barrage Finisher, Spine Breaker, and Absorption Grasp while Appearance Morph is active. User also gains 15% damage reduction and 17% damage increase while the transformation is active, at the cost of slightly reduced movement speed.
If the user takes a certain amount of damage, they'll be forced out of Appearance Morph as well. Appearance Morph can be canceled by pressing key again
[Appearance Morph is mainly a gimmick move, not really meant for PVP. Maybe the move could be used in SBR or to just mess around in main game]
Z - Absorption Grasp - User unleashes Yellow Temperance as a stream up to moderate range at the cursor. Upon contact with an enemy, they're dealt 12.2 damage as they're dragged towards the user's location, and are briefly stunned afterwards. Absorption Grasp can be blocked.
If Absorption Grasp is used while Appearance Morph is active, and the selected person has a humanoid Stand, a fake version of the Stand will creepily crawl the cursor, grabbing them and pulling them in. Other than animation change, the move itself still behaves the same
X - It's Useless! - User stays still. Upon being attacked, Yellow Temperance immediately blocks the attack and immediately lashes a tendril at the attacker, dealing 12.5 damage and inflicting Flesh Eater effect
Skill Tree
- Can upgrade Impervious, increasing the user's sturdiness even more
- Can increase Destructive Power to increase the damage of Yellow Temperance's moves
- Can increase the duration that Flesh Eater lasts
- Can increase the amount of damage Flesh Eater deals
- Can increase the duration that Appearance Morph lasts
- Can increase Absorption Grasp's range
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2021.10.16 03:58 jwai86 Holding a Category A, B and H licence

For those of you who are licenced for Cat A/B rifles and handguns:

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2021.10.16 03:58 ellaevie1 repost: pics from #shelivesfraud this weekend

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2021.10.16 03:58 NegotiationOk7636 How do I commit to school?

I’m in highschool and I’ve always been a below average student I really need some advice that will prevent me from failing this year please anything helps!!!!!
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2021.10.16 03:58 TrashEatingBaby Toybox spellbook merge help!

So I’ve just installed toybox and can’t for the life of me find the option to allow merging of all spellbooks!!!
Plz help me find it!
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2021.10.16 03:58 popwerdjx What is favourite weapon of all?

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2021.10.16 03:58 ElitePraetorian421 guys I found a secret message in Dream's tweet :0

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2021.10.16 03:58 ns-sidnd Halloween events at UBC

Is there gonna be any parties or events on campus for halloween this year? and Parties in general? Commuting basically takes the partying part of uni out :/
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2021.10.16 03:58 camwillms2001 My views continue to rise and rise on my videos. Old and new ones. What is weird though is that my subscribers are barely going up. Maybe like 1 to 5 a day.

I just want to know why this may be happening. My account just a week ago was gaining 30+ a day. Now the views rise but the subscribers won’t
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2021.10.16 03:58 EnvironmentSad1649 for the lucid dreamers here what is the nastiest thing u did in a lucid dream

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2021.10.16 03:58 nephifofum In what order did you sin?

Stealing from the comments of another post, but thought it worthy to be its own stand alone. As a TBM, mine went as follows: 1. Robitussin 2. Marijuana 3. Mushrooms 4. Coffee 5. Alcohol 6. Sex- much much later
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2021.10.16 03:58 Sarcasticbrat715 Boost 4 boost please.

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.10.16 03:58 datman167 My Mighty Jax drawing for 97rp, thanks Zal!

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2021.10.16 03:58 Didactikos Factory Mistake.

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2021.10.16 03:58 Recessninteen88 Can anyone give me any information on this secretaries desk?

Location BC, Canada
Any information would be great
Who made it, value, wood type, age.

Thank you for your time
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2021.10.16 03:58 garrettstrootlol Pretty accurate

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2021.10.16 03:58 connordragon10 Complaining won't get you anywhere

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2021.10.16 03:58 SnooCats6706 underwhelming FOIA CMP m1 garand

This letter is in response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated October 12, 2021 reference number AMC FOIA # xxxxx. The request is for ownership history on a Rifle, M1, Caliber .30-06 serial number xxxxxxx.
The following Information was found in the Department of Defense (DoD) Small Arms/Light Weapons Registry for a M1 Garand Rifle, Caliber .30, NSN: xxxxx, Serial Number: xxxxxx. The records for this weapon are listed below in chronological order:

  1. February 02, 2018 – The Tank Automotive and Armaments Command Civilian Marksmanship Program - Anniston, Alabama received the weapon from the 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Incirlik Air Base - Adana, Turkey.
  2. February 02, 2018 – The Tank Automotive and Armaments Command Civilian Marksmanship Program - Anniston, Alabama shipped the weapon outside the DoD to the Civilian Marksmanship Program South - Anniston, Alabama.
The individual who helped me with the FOIA request was super nice though.
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2021.10.16 03:58 Asthicwastaken trading neon turtle fr for a frost fury fr + adds

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2021.10.16 03:58 tvr190 ACT reaches 98 per cent first dose of over 12’s vaccinated and 70 per cent fully vaccinated

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2021.10.16 03:58 MooMilk50 Is Arcade mode worth it?

I wanted to get it but it’s $30 and I don’t know if it’s worth it, is it a good place to grind out steel? Does it have good rewards? If so what rewards?
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2021.10.16 03:58 Jaquavion_tavious1 My Xbox gift card but I’m cover 3 digits

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2021.10.16 03:58 JDubs234 Slayer final show ever in Quebec 28/07/19

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2021.10.16 03:58 ArmagdoGaming ThunderBrush States That Orchid Mantis Vora Is Never Happening Due To Drama

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