Mira zurdito, soy tendencia

2021.10.16 05:20 OsitoDin Mira zurdito, soy tendencia

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2021.10.16 05:20 M-RC-1 Another Krieg

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2021.10.16 05:20 Matlabguru Python Vs SQL

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2021.10.16 05:20 dboeren TMM 1/2 with two values?

I just got my A Game of Armored Combat box and was looking at the Alpha Strike cards that came with it.
The Thunderbolt 5SE has a TMM value of "1/2" and I can't figure out what that means. I downloaded the Alpha Strike Quickstart and it doesn't seem to mention it there, nor have I been able to find anything online. Finally, when I look at the Masterunitlist it only says TMM=1.
So what's going on? What does a TMM 1/2 mean and which set of stats are correct?
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2021.10.16 05:20 _ilikecmyk_ Kris❤️ - me - acrylic on canvas - 2021

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2021.10.16 05:20 Sure_Assumption_7308 Is there anyway to take windows 10 from a laptops ssd and put it on a new M.2 ssd for a pc build?

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2021.10.16 05:20 bronnwyne Please help! It’s making me twitchy!

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2021.10.16 05:20 pluxses Morbius vs Blade Shirts

What’s up guys ! I made some Shirts based on Morbius and Blade. If you wanna check them out follow my IG. Project.x.designs ! I feel these are 2 underrated characters and I wanted to do something new.
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2021.10.16 05:20 Othniel_a Employees right?

I am 16 years old and I applied to work at Mcdonalds, I got the job and submitted my documents at Holborn office and got my uniform and employee Id. Fast track I signed into Mcstuff and submit more documents. An hour or two later I get an email saying that I need to be 16 years old and 10 month due to government guidelines and they won't be continuing with my application. What should I do u have the welcome meeting today? DO NOT WANT TO HEAR WAIT THE 10 MONTHS
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2021.10.16 05:20 Cold_Associate_224 Question

Iv'e seen people insta buy if they click on the icon in the shop but i don't know how to do that. Please help me. :D
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2021.10.16 05:20 LongshotOddsBand Dice Organization

How do you all organize your dice sets and decide how to use each set?
For example: I have some plastic craft sorter that has 6 slots. It’s about the size of 2 players handbooks
I roll all of my d20’s before each session and use the 2 sets from which i got the highest rolls.
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2021.10.16 05:20 seacobs Veterans: The French in Algeria (2010) - A documentary about the bitterness still provoked by France's colonial war in Algeria and how it fuels resentment between France and its Muslim community [00:23:24]

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2021.10.16 05:20 Trick_Cicada_9966 how to kill opponents with massive health

In pve, I just started my first rebirth. I have volcanic smasher from my first run through. I have gone between the god of brutals twice. So in general enemies aren't an issues.
But with the blood moon I am trying to kill for a heart under "normal" and they have 140k health. For a general attack I only do 500 dmg, and for a combo turn up to 4k if I use sharpen and don't get a critical hit.
What's the progression to be able to kill them? Am I just not far enough along?
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2021.10.16 05:20 wegetitureddit So Excited for the Tour

Seeing the vids got me so excited for the Toronto show, I’m gonna be in g.a who wants to meet up? ( Must be on birth control🤤)
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2021.10.16 05:20 EngineerWrong9612 Yotsuba_Memes_V2

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2021.10.16 05:20 WrongAllele 28 [M4F] Ontario/Canada - Let's be pretend best friends.

I’m craving a conversation with a random person. There’s something about having a conversation with a stranger that just allows you to be open and honest. Occasionally you’ll run into someone you really click with that you might have never talked to in other circumstances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single fleeting conversation or a long term friendship.
I’m at the point in my life where I want to be settling down in some ways. My career path has led me to moving around. So I’ve changed that and I'm where I want to be right now (roughly). The pandemic has set me back in terms of interests. I forget what people do for fun anymore. I have hated not being able to play hockey. I picked up a few hobbies during the past year. The one that has stuck is painting. I absolutely suck at it but I find it relaxing and it feels good to finally create something instead of just consuming. I've been working on cutting out the instagram reels / tiktok videos/ doom scrolling.
Appearance wise, I'm average height, slim to lean build, European but I have retired my track suits, dark hair, attractive enough that it's not usually an issue.
Open to chats and pm, Canada only. On the off chance we connect id rather the distance not be an issue.
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2021.10.16 05:20 evanwyo Early attempts

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2021.10.16 05:20 killer4you I have a lot of space game is resident evil village empress

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2021.10.16 05:20 Unvatorandom2457 feel free to remove (ñ)

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2021.10.16 05:20 CyberBump NUCYPHER NU Crypto Price Breakout/Breakdown Technical Analysis - October 21

Price Breakout/Breakdown Technical Analysis (Not Financial Advice)All Proceeds Will Go To Making Better Content Thanks For SUpporting The Channel & Artworkhttps://www.paypal.com/donate?business=AKS47DLNTXB7Q&no_recurring=0&item_name=Improvement+Of+Content¤cy_code=USD Cash App:
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2021.10.16 05:20 Mikauhso Just finding out about this. What are your thoughts and what does the LMG crew think?

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2021.10.16 05:20 Auxcanons I'm doing a giveaway of 2 EDH decks!

Oh hey! I apologize if this is not allowed.
I'm doing a giveaway of 2 EDH decks!
We have modified versions of the Sneak Attack and Enhanced Evolution precons up for grabs. Deck lists to come. Just follow me on Twitch. Twitch.tv/auxcanons (Join me For MTGA Saturday nights!).
Canada and the USA only. Two (2) winners will be chosen from all followers on Nov 13 at 8pm MT. Winners will be announced on twitter and on my Nov 13 stream. Decks will be shipped within 31 days of Nov 13th.
Moderators of channel are not eligible. Rules may be subject to change, but probably won't be.
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2021.10.16 05:20 TealTeal2 A sub for helping me find a new owner for my rats?

I’m just not able to handle them anymore and I need help finding them a good home
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2021.10.16 05:20 beyaj For anyone who’s sick of me posting here, now’s your chance to convince me to quit 😂

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2021.10.16 05:20 eskay19 Everyone's favourite street in our town

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