Currently trying to get Hannah's PIN and I'm scared of messing up. Which one would it be? Please and thank you!

2021.10.16 05:42 GalaxyGaming213 Currently trying to get Hannah's PIN and I'm scared of messing up. Which one would it be? Please and thank you!

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2021.10.16 05:42 Trigger0584 LF TRANG BELT WTT

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2021.10.16 05:42 Inside_Rough6048 who remembers who this is if u do write in the comments

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2021.10.16 05:42 hanabii2131 There was an intense debate over the theme of Squid Game in Korea.

Recently, Someone came up with an interesting theory regarding Squid Game. There was an intense debate over the post on dcinside Squid Game gallery in Korea. What are your thoughts on this post?
Original Post > ​ Fable About Recovery of Human Nature and Class Disparity : Squid Game ​ The theme of Squid Game is the “Fable about recovery of human nature and hierarchy” and the director express the class disparity through death game, directing, and characters. Then, what is the criteria for dividing the class in Squid Game? It’s the money. In the Squid Game, money is expressed in a yellow color. In the drama, VIP and host’s mask, piggy bank hanging on the ceiling, the Yeoeuido building that Sangwoo and Ali got off in the episode, debit card that Gihun got at last, and invitation card are all in yellow color. The location of yellow differs depending on whether you have money or not. The piggy bank hanging above the participants had yellow light and VIP who looked down on the participants had a yellow mask on. Yellow is the metaphor for how money determines the position of people. In Squid Game, the games that participants play clearly show the class. In the games, participants compete with others just like racehorses. Although they are given the right to give up the game, they lose the chance to get the money. In other words, winning the competition is the only way to get the money. This is the metaphor for lower-class life. There are many characters that symbolize different classes. The most notable characters are Oh Ilnam (host) and the main character, Seong Gihun. While the host standing on the center of the game is noteworthy, Gihun is the most noteworthy character. Gihun symbolizes the laborer. Ssangmun-dong is the town where Jeon Taeil lived. Jeon is the symbol of labor movement in Korea and he claimed for labor conditions and committed suicide by self-immolation. Gihun is also from Ssangmun-dong and he also participated in the strike in the past. This shows that Gihun is the symbol of the labor class. Gihun is the character that wins the game, rises from the lower class to upper class, and decides to get down to the lower class. Gihun is also the character that turns from the racehorse to human being. What made him the human being? It’s the human nature. In the drama, Gihun exchange 10,000 won with others. This is the minimum unit for keeping the relationship with others. This is the same for the host in different amount of money. The host gives 100 million won to participants and it is the money for relationship between the participants and hots. In other words, 100 million won of host is the same as 10,000 won of Giun. The relationship built up by giving 100 million won emphasizes the host’s inhumane nature. On the other hand, Gihun’s 10,000 won emphasizes his human nature just like the 10,000 won that Gihun gave to Sangwoo’s mother. This is the same for asking for 10,000 won to the head of the bank. Gihun wanted to see the human nature of the people and this scene shows how Gihun wants to believe in people. The problem is that the death game is even better than the reality. Everyone participates in the game knowing that they might die. Why? Because their reality is hopeless. Even life is the cost of opportunity. Although the game itself is cruel, what’s crueler is the reality that regards the human as the racehorse. That’s why the coffin looks like a gift box and such coffin is the last gift for the racehorses in despair. In the unrealistic opportunity, the participants throw away their human nature and become a racehorse to get money. Sangwoo is another character who is similar to Gihun. Sangwoo shows his human nature to Ali for the first time. This is similar to how Gihun showed his human nature to Ilnam. The contrast of Sangwoo and Gihun becomes clear starting from the marble game. Sangwoo survives by deceiving Ali and Sangwoo focuses on winning the game since the marble game. Sangwoo even pushes glass-maker and kills Saebyeok. The reason why he suicided is because nothing is left to him after giving up the game. He suicides to give the prize money to Gihun and asks Gihun to help his mother with the prize money. Sangwoo was a humane person who gave fare fee to Ali. At the moment his human sides disappeared, Sangwoo yelled out “God damn! Gihun!” Meanwhile, Gihun remains humane even after the game. After the marble game, Gihun makes choices exactly opposite from Sangwoo. Gihun’s choices focus on saving people. Gihun didn’t attack on Sangwoo while he was asleep and Gihun tries to give up the game when Saehyeok is about to die. Gihun even tried to give up winning the game because he didn’t want to kill Sangwoo. It is funny how both Sangwoo and Gihun lost their partners after the marble game. In the last scene, Ilnam asks “Do you still believe in people?” to Gihun. This line explains Gihun while showing how Gihun is opposite from Ilnam. In the drama, host and Gihun play 3 games. The first game is the Squid Game that the host had on 456 participants. The second game is the marble game between the host and Gihun. The third game is the bet on helping the unconscious man on the street. As everyone already knows the first game, I’ll explain about the second and third game here. I regard the marble game as the second game because it was the first game that the host had with Gihun and because it hugely influenced on Gihun throughout the rest of the games. When the marble game started, the host didn’t focus on the game. Instead, host shared his stories about finding the house he once lived and about his family. These stories are about the host’s humane sides. This shares the same context with Gihun saying “Can’t you see someone actually died?” in the drama. However, when Gihun plays the marble game, he isn’t interested in the host’s humane stories and he only focuses on the game. Such attitude is just like the attitudes of racehorses. The host wins over Gihun overwhelmingly and bets another game while playing the game. The host pretends as if he has dementia and Gihun gets to choose whether to die and keep his humanity or to survive as a racehorse. Gihun wanted to survive, deceives the host, and takes the marble. Just like Sangwoo, Gihun played the game like a racehorse and lost his humanity. After losing all the marbles, the host asks Gihun whether he can borrow a marble. In other words, the host asked for one more chance on participating in the game again. The participants ended up participating in the Squid Game because they lost all their marbles while competing in the reality. Therefore, Gihun’s refusal is the same as the “No Mercy for Losers” just as he was treated in the society. Although Gihun fall behind the infinite competition in the reality, Gihun ended up accepting the competition during the game. At last, the host asks Gihun whether he can bet all four marbles for one marble. This is the same as asking whether the rich and poor or participants and VIP can compete fairly together. Gihun says that it doesn’t make any sense. Here, Gihun thinks from the perspective of VIP and host. Seeing that, the host gives the last marble to Gihun. This is the reward to Gihun’s answer as a host while telling racehorse that lost the humanity to go back to the game and showing his humanity to Gihun as Gganbu. Although Ilnam lost his humanity, he feels guilty about not taking care of his family in the past (I assume that Ilnam lost his family or left his family). Then, Ilnam sees Gihun who still keeps the humanity he already lost and Ilnam decides to test Gihun in the marble game. At the same time, Ilnam expects Gihun to show “Humanity” to him. At last, Gihun temporarily loses humanity from Ilnam’s test but Ilnam shows the love of sacrificing for Gganbu, or friend, hoping that Gihun won’t lose his humanity that Ilnam already lost. Although Ilnam could defeat Gihun in the game, Ilnam demonstrated his humanity and chose to save Gihun. This can be interpreted as paying back the humanity that Gihun had been showing to Ilnam. While Gihun participates in the game again, Gihun makes different choices from Sangwoo since the marble game because Ilnam’s sacrifice game another opportunity for Gihun. Gihun recovers the humanity and participates in the game again from the humane sacrifice of Gganbu. It is funny and ironic to think how the host won and lost at the same time in that scene. Considering how Ilnam was deep in thoughts instead of welcoming the VIP, the marble game must have influenced on the humane side of the host. In the last scene, Gihun meets the host again and starts the third game. They bet on whether someone would help an unconscious man on the street and this last game was about whether to believe the humanity or not. Gihun believed in the humanity and won at last just like he won the Squid Game The defeated host dies just like the other game participants. After winning the third game, Gihun becomes the “Complete Human Being” and he decides not to take the airplane (symbolizes another “Rise”) and says he cannot forgive such inhumane things done to people. In such context, Gihun’s red hair symbolizes his humane anger. Thinking that Gihun was afraid of the red color (blood of strikers, game guards, and blood of participants who lost game) throughout the drama, this is an ironical change. As Gihun recovered his humanity after the marble game, Gihun started participating in the game as human instead of racehorse. There is another funny setup in the drama. In the beginning, Gihun meets a salesman (Gong Yoo) and says he doesn’t believe in God. Sangwoo stabbed on Gihun’s hand in the rain. That’s symbolizes the stigma. When Gihun gets released in while tied in ropes, the first word Gihun hears is “Believe in God” This shows where Gihun should head to after becoming the human. So, Gihun gives up on going up to higher class and enjoying peace from the prize money. Instead, challenges on the path that seems impossible. If the next season comes out, Gihun would be trying to be a savior (Jesus). Now, let’s look at reasons why Squid Game is a fable. Fables personify animals or other natural objects. Some might say “Why is Squid Game a fable? There are humans in this drama.” That is not true. There is no human in this drama. To be clear, there is no “Complete Human” except for Gihun in the last episode. The participants are no more than racehorses and guards wear the mask to hide themselves. VIP and host also wear the animal masks. Especially, the host has a rabbit mask (In Korean fable “Byeoljubujeon (Tale of Turtle), rabbit survived by lying to the turtle). These are all interesting setups. In other words, humans in this drama are not actually humans. Additional comments
There are many parts that can be interpreted in different ways. When participants are to win the competition in the game, they end up standing on the side of VIP. The host points out on such part and criticizes the ones who criticize capitalism.
The last game can be interpreted as victory of the host. Gihun didn’t run to the unconscious man to save him and he temporarily lost the humanity as Gihun played a game of observing the death of the man (just like how VIP did) through the window. If the host intended on testing such aspects of Gihun, Ilnam won the game in hidden meaning.
In the scene of meeting the host, Gihun asks “How could you do that? Do you earn money that easily?” to the host. Then, the host answers “You also have tried to earn money. Was that easy?” This means that the host also earned money the hard way. What could have been Ilnam’s difficulties?
Such difficulties are eventually associated with the drama’s theme of humanity. As Ilnam earned money, he lost humanity and became the host. “Losing the humanity” was the difficulty that Ilnam went through. For instance, as Ilnam said in the marble game, he forgot to buy a birthday present for this son. Likewise, Gihun couldn’t care about his daughter’s birthday properly. Ilnam couldn’t care because he was busy earning money while Gihun had no money. Both of them were bored of life and both of them lost their humanity. Ilnam thanked Gihun for reminding the memories of the pleasant time in his childhood and closed his eyes. This shows that Ilnam tried to recover the humanity he lost by remembering back of the games he enjoyed in the childhood.
Ilnam tells Gihun, “You earned the prize money for your efforts and luck. Use the money.” This is associated with different parts. Gihun gives fish to a cat and says “I earned this money by getting slapped on the face.” When Gihun’s mother asks where Gihun got the money from, Gihun answers “I earned this money with my own hands and body for dear life.”
However, Gihun doesn’t use the prize money from the Squid Game. Although the hosts asked whether he cannot use the prize money for sense of guilt, Gihun couldn’t use the money because the prize money was the price of lives of 456 people. In other words, Gihun thought prize money isn’t the money he earned himself. Just like Gihun’s mother doubted, Gihun thought of the prize money was the money he stole rather than the money he earned himself. When Ilnam tells Gihun, “You earned that money for your efforts. You can use it”, Gihun finally uses the prize money.
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2021.10.16 05:42 basharashop-7 BasharaShop - Your beauty expert

Basharashop is a lavish online beauty store to buy cosmetics, hair care, and skincare. With more than one million happy customers, we help to provide the best offers with affordable rates for Glowradiance whity cream, Glowradiance Pura Cleansing Gel, Glowradiance Pura Acne Solution, etc.
Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our clients by manufacturing high-performance cosmetics and promoting innovation, maximum efficiency, competitiveness, and social responsibility. We aim to be recognized by always trying to reach a compromise between one's beauty and well-being.
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2021.10.16 05:42 No_Flounder_2294 Is Sengun ready to start?

A double double with 3 blocks and 1 steal in his first ever start against Jakob Poeltl who is a starter level center is surely extremely promising. And KPJ seems to link up really well with Sengun. Could we see him start against Minnesota or OKC?
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2021.10.16 05:42 ph03n1xm00n Why did this game end in a stalemate? I'm confused...

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2021.10.16 05:42 boomhonktinny Hi everyone, can someone explain how to use these flash elements? Can't figure it out

I have a few of these flash energy type effects packs like this one:
There's a project.drp file included but it won't open. Wouldn't know what that is anyway. The effects files are .mov
The problem is the effects are on a black background, and completely cover the footage I'm trying to put them over.
How am I suppose to use these? What adjustments do I have to do? Thanks in advance
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2021.10.16 05:42 sajiasanka 1869, Girton College, the first women's college in Cambridge

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2021.10.16 05:42 xozo65 I made this poster for an ice cream company, what do you think?

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2021.10.16 05:42 KrakenSea So… I was only charged like $13.10 for this? I don’t know why that is. I preordered it from GameStop. It came in today

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2021.10.16 05:42 Yakuza-wolf_kiwami GM Guard Custom with it's standard Armaments and extra shields with extra equipment

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2021.10.16 05:42 EmergencyGarlic2476 LPT: Park your car on the driveway, unless you want people harming it. Don't let people smash your windows, steal your catalytic converter, etc.

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2021.10.16 05:42 Bronzecrank Vaxei | Mori Calliope - Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP (ReeK's "Dude Whats A Genre" Remix) [My Scythe Will RIP Apart Your Soul] (Fisky | 8.58*) 97.18% 17xMiss 703/3436x #2 | 219pp (if ranked) | 114.58 UR | Best acc by 2.25%, best misscount by 12

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2021.10.16 05:42 dkallgren Hmm… Elder Gods destroy the duel arena in a fit of rage and the new content is in its ruins? Please please do that

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